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High-Priority Car Elevator Maintenance Areas

Finding parking spaces for all your cars can be challenging if you live in an area with spatial restrictions. Luckily, property owners are not limited to horizontal space as far as creating parking space goes. Thus, you can convert the vertical space in your property into a parking lot, thanks to car elevators. Besides increasing parking space, a car elevator improves the value of a property if you plan to sell it in the future. That said, a car elevator should be serviced regularly to maintain optimal performance. This article highlights critical areas that car elevator installers focus on during maintenance.

System Lubrication

One critical aspect of car elevator servicing is lubrication. A car elevator comprises various moving parts that glide against each other as it shuttles up and down a shaft. If you do not regularly lubricate the parts, the chances are high that the elevator will struggle to move smoothly. Internal components rust and develop rough surfaces that stick intermittently as an elevator moves. Additionally, an elevator might struggle to lift vehicles beyond a specific weight due to inadequate lubrication. Therefore, homeowners and condominium dwellers must regularly hire car elevator service providers to lubricate the machine.

Electric Cable Management

Car elevators have an electrical system that enables them to shuttle up and down a shaft. Notably, technicians secure electric cables during installation to prevent the wires from being pinched during elevator operation. However, sustained movements can undo secured electric wires during normal car elevator operations. Consequently, the electric wires might get trapped between moving parts, cutting off the power supply to critical components of an elevator. It is mainly the case if you use a car elevator every day. Therefore, hiring a car elevator technician to inspect the cable system and identify problem areas goes a long way in ensuring the equipment operates safely and optimally. The last thing you want is a car elevator that suddenly stops midway due to poorly managed electric cables.

Elevator Upgrades

Car elevator manufacturers continue to develop new products to meet customers' demands. Thus, it is essential to keep up to date with the improvements, which is why you need to work closely with a reputable elevator company. Technicians inspect an elevator during routine maintenance and propose specific improvements in the process. For instance, modern car elevators can accommodate SUVs despite their weight. Therefore, if your current lift cannot accommodate some of your cars, a service provider can upgrade the system accordingly. Similarly, modern elevators are faster than their predecessors; hence, upgrading your model could enhance your experience.

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