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7 Tasks a Split System AC Technician Can Perform During Annual Servicing

For your split system air conditioning system to work effectively, you need to have it serviced by a professional at least once a year. This ensures you get consistent cooling all through. Your service technician will go through several critical areas of your split system, performing checks, making replacements and servicing other parts. Here's a breakdown of the service process.

Checking air ducts

Your technician will check and ensure that the ducts blowing cool air in and hot air out of your house are in good condition. He/s she will check that there are no leaks and that the insulation is intact. The technician may also check the incoming and outgoing temperature to ensure your system is not expelling valuable cool air.

Cleaning air filters

To ensure you get quality clean cool air, your technician will extract and clean the indoor air filters. If considerably old, he/she may opt to replace them altogether. These filters help to trap dust and tiny debris that may contaminate your air or damage the system. 

Refrigerant check

The refrigerant is vital for ensuring you get cool air in your home as it is the agent responsible for cooling hot air from outside. With time, the refrigerant will reduce in volume. In some cases, it may leak. Your technician will inspect the volume and top it up to the specified levels.

Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils

The coils in the indoor and outdoor units need to be clean for air to get maximum contact with them. This is important for your air conditioner to provide adequate cooling. The technician will clean them delicately using a soft brush to remove dust accumulated on them.

Checking fan function

In the outdoor unit, the fan plays a vital role of ensuring air circulation is maintained. The fan can, however, get damaged by dirt around the compound such as leaves, grit or stones. The technician will inspect it and ensure it's unobstructed by other compressor parts.

Control panel/remote servicing

Back inside your home, your technician will check on the AC control panel or remote(s). He/she will test their function and ensure that input is consistent with the results. If there are anomalies, he/she will program the settings afresh to ensure you enjoy a friendly user experience.

Indoor unit mounting check

Lastly, your technician will ensure your indoor unit is mounted well. He/she will check the mounting bracket to ensure the unit is safe and not at risk of falling or tilting. Your technician can also install additional indoor units if your multi-split system allows it. This will let you enjoy cooling to more rooms in your house.

Overall, the service process ensures your system is tweaked back to optimum function periodically. It also helps catch repairs early so that you don't have to deal with major air conditioner repairs. For more information about these services, consult companies like Air-Con Service Centre.