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3 Energy-Saving Guidelines for Air Conditioning Systems

A fully-operational home air conditioning system can be costly in terms of monthly electricity bills. You can reduce the energy consumption through proper usage and regular care and maintenance. In addition, an efficient AC appliance produces less carbon dioxide so it is better for the environment. Here are some simple tips for improving energy efficiency in your air conditioning system.

Annual Servicing

Professional servicing is essential for consistent and good performance of the air conditioner. Most homeowners focus only on DIY maintenance in an effort to make financial savings. While this is admirable, it is advisable to engage a technician for a 'tune-up' because the AC is prone to reduced functionality due to normal wear and tear.

The annual check-up will involve inspection of major components and implementing some necessary changes. It is crucial to note that the frequency of professional servicing should be higher if your system is old or the cooling demands are very high.

The refrigerant levels will be adjusted to optimal levels because low levels contribute to higher energy demands for effective cooling. Airflow problems will also be covered because they contribute to cooling inconsistency.

In addition, compressor and evaporator coils can be cleaned thoroughly during the annual servicing. Grime and dirt acts as a thermal insulator and consequently contributes to poor cooling and high energy demands. Also, make sure that the repair technician lubricates all the moving AC components because friction in the motor will necessitate more energy input.

Programmable Thermostat

The thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature according to preference and need. You should consider installing a programmable model in your home because it will give you more control over the energy consumed by the air conditioning system.

Basically, this device is designed to accept data input so that you can preset your preferences according to a specific schedule. When the designated time reaches, the system will automatically make the temperature adjustment. For instance, you can program higher heat during the day which will cut the costs and schedule cooling for just before your return.

Filter Cleaning and Replacement

The importance of clean filters cannot be overemphasised because these AC modules can get clogged easily by dust, pet hair and general dirt. This reduces the airflow and the system will have to apply more effort for adequate cooling. The higher energy demands will result in an increase in the electricity bills and the strain may damage the internal cooling components. You should clean or replace disposable filters at least monthly for good system performance.

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