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Elevator Maintenance Service: Evaluating The Options Available For Your Office Building

Elevators boost vertical transportation at the workplace by allowing employees to move up and down the floors of multi-storeyed office buildings. Indeed, normal business activities in such office buildings can be significantly disrupted due to elevator breakdowns caused by poor maintenance service. Elevator maintenance services are offered by manufacturers, independent companies or on an in-house basis. This article will help you decide which option is best for your office building.

Manufacturer Elevator Maintenance

If your office building elevators operate on specific computer-based technologies and are maintained using specialised tools that can only be provided by the manufacturers, then you will be limited to the manufacturer elevator maintenance option.

One major benefit of using manufacturer elevator maintenance service that it can deliver replacement parts on-site almost instantaneously, and thus, lessen overall downtime caused by equipment breakdowns. What's more, you can expect the best service possible since you'll be dealing with the company that manufactured the initial elevator equipment and therefore, knows best about how it works. Even though you might be charged a premium for the service provided, manufacturer's contracts are the most risk-free option of maintaining your elevators.

In-House Maintenance

These days, it is not uncommon to see some large companies or organisations like universities and hospitals providing elevator maintenance service in-house to cut total maintenance costs. Your decision to maintain elevator equipment in-house may be informed by cost advantages, but you also need to consider the availability of highly-skilled technicians. Another thing that you need to bear in mind is your ability to acquire replacement parts without extended delays. Moreover, you will require adequate systems to process and respond to customer queries or grievances.

Because of the high level of technical expertise required and liability exposure associated with keeping the elevator equipment in good working condition, self-maintenance is the most-demanding elevator maintenance option. Many elevator maintenance companies refuse to service elevator equipment that has been handled by non-certified elevator technicians as a result of increased exposure to litigation.

Independent Elevator Maintenance

If the manufacturer who installed the elevators in your office building is based far away or is too busy to provide routine maintenance service on time and you don't have the capacity to do the work in-house, you may need to seek the service of an independent contractor.

Typically, independent contractors charge less for their maintenance services as compared to manufacturers. When you're looking for independent elevator maintenance service, however, it is essential to research on the company's level of technical prowess and ability to source replacement parts to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Since the ability of elevators to provide consistent service in turn depends on the quality of maintenance service that they receive, it would be prudent for you to gauge which of the three options above is most suited for your office buildings. For more information, contact a company like Forte Lift Services.