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Foam Fabrication: Cutting Methods in Case Insert Production

 If you are looking for a custom packaging product for delicate items, you should consider using foam case inserts. The custom inserts used to hold the packaged goods are cut into pre-designed shapes using different techniques. The best method for you will depend on factors such as foam type, desired results and the budget. Here are the main techniques used to cut the foam to create the ideal packaging inserts:

Your Choices

There are different packaging solutions in the market and the right choice for your company will depend on the specific requirements. These containment vessels are made of foam materials such as polystyrene, polyurethane and polyethylene. And you'll have a few different choices for having them cut.

The precision cutting machines utilised during the process are computer-controlled therefore the potential designs that can be created are virtually limitless. It is important for you to understand the different fabrication methods to ensure that your production decisions are well-informed.

Water Jet Cut

The water jet cutting machine is used to cut tough and durable packaging foam materials. The advantages of this method include the speed at which the cutting tasks are carries out and the accuracy of the design execution. Basically, the machine releases a thin jet of water which slices through the foam material. The smooth movement of the water will allow your intricate foam design to be cut precisely to create an ideal case insert.

Knife Cut

The knife cut machines are primarily used to create foam case inserts for prototype sample products. In addition, this technique can be used for creating packaging material for products that are sold in sets. For example, you can order foam case inserts for selling or storing construction tools. The knife cutter is computer-controlled so it is exacting when producing custom designs. It is ideal for serially cutting different shapes into a single block of packaging foam. The machine is also able to employ drilling techniques in case you require round case inserts.

Wire Cut

The wire cutting technique is the perfect choice for deep case inserts so the pertinent machines will create the best custom foam packaging for larger goods. For instance, if you are looking for case inserts for equipment and industrial components, inquire about wire cutting services from a licensed fabricator. The machine uses abrasive wires and the computer-aided designs can be input directly into the cutter. You can request for design assistance or present your own digital drawings. This method is cheap for mass production of large foam case inserts because you will only be charged once for programming.