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Some Inspiring Ways To Reuse Wooden Crates

Coming up with new, stylish and practical ways to reuse old wooden crates is a popular activity for many homeowners. The crates are easy to get a hold of – or easy to make yourself with some old wood – and can be adapted in many ways, such as by repainting or adding an accessory. This article looks at some ways that may inspire you to try using wooden crates around your own home and garden:

A Foot Rest

An antique looking wooden crate, or simply a crate that you have painted yourself, can have a small pillow or cushion fixed to the top of the crate. The pillow you adorn the crate with can also be schemed to match your decor, giving you an elegant and practical indoor foot rest. Add small wheels to make a mobile foot rest.

An Ever Changing Garden Decoration

Fill a repainted wooden crate with some nice looking logs and some greenery, such as leafy plants or hanging flowers. Add some lights to the crate and you can create an attractive rustic garden decoration, which you can fix onto the fence. The display is also a practical one as it provides some lighting to the immediate environment.

At Christmas time, you can add in holly and other festive decorations or you can add eery green lights and other creepy decorations for Halloween. This keeps your display fresh and relevant and you can have fun designing the display for different occasions.

A Stylish Storage Ottoman

For this DIY improvement, you will need to add two small hinges and a top to the crate. Once you have this, you can attach an attractive fabric or a hard cushion to the top of the hinged door of the crate; this gives you some space under the lid to store things. You can use the ottoman in your own bedroom for filling with clothes or other items, or you can use the ottoman in the main room as a storage area for kids toys or pet toys. It could also be used as a coffee table if it is big enough.

Rustic Fruit Or Vegetable Holder

With a simple frame, the crates can be positioned in a vertical row; ideal for holding fruit and vegetables in the kitchen or storage area. All you need is some spare pieces of timber to make a very simple frame, capable of holding the crates and their contents. Make supporting brackets along the frame and slip the wooden crates in. This is a really nice use of the crates and lends a rustic feel to cooking.

With some time and imagination, wooden crates can be reused in many ways to benefit you and your home. Contact a professional for more info.