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Frequently Asked Electric Motor Repair Questions

When you own a plant or manufacturing facility, proper operation of your machinery is the key to maintaining an efficient work schedule. But when your machinery or equipment fails, you will need to contract with an electric motor repair shop to get you back up to speed. To help you better understand some of the common services they provide, here are the answers to some frequently asked motor repair questions.

What Is Predictive Maintenance?  -- Predictive maintenance is a term used by electric motor repair technicians that describes a process in which a repair is made to a motor issue, followed by an assessment of the motor structure to determine the likelihood of the next major repair. So for example, a repair technician who fixes an electrical short in the wiring of your motor would then examine the entire motor system to see which components are showing signs of future breakdown. This is a valuable service because it helps you calculate the potential costs of future electric motor repairs, and it allows you to replace motor components before they completely break down and cost you much more money in repairs. Predictive maintenance measures standards such as structural integrity, visible defects and the amount of dirt in motor bearings.

What is Vibration Analysis? -- When your machinery or equipment begins operating at a slower rate than usual, an electric motor repair technician can utilise vibration analysis to help determine where the problem is within the motors. The level of vibration in a motor is indicative of how efficiently the motor is working, and the more a motor vibrates, the more likely that it will experience failure in the near future. As motors age, their components tend to wear down, which makes the motor shake. Using vibration analysers, electric motor repair personnel can measure vibration frequencies and recommend repairs that can restore your motor to its peak efficiency.

What is Field Balancing? -- Field-balancing is a service in which an electric motor repair contractor will come to your work site with a balancing device that is used to repair motor issues related to blowers, belt pulleys, ventilators and fans. Motor components go out of balance because of cracks, rust and incorrect mounting during motor manufacturing. When these components break down, they lose their ability to remain balanced, and a balancer can restore the equilibrium of these components without the need to disassemble the entire motor.