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Corded Power Tools- Why Mess With Success?

Forum to forum alike, the debate on corded versus cordless power tools is an endless one. On one side, cordless power tools fans are enthralled by the convenience and ease associated with using a cordless drill or impact tool. On the other side, a group of corded die-hards lavishly exclaim how they are satisfied by the constant power and strength of corded power tools. Whichever camp wins is a debate only solved by your personal need for a power tool, the type of tool and your scale of application. The following reasons, however, show that a corded power tool may, in some instances, be the best choice for power tools.


Cordless power tools rely on the batteries for power. The battery pack is part of the device, and for starters, this creates more bulk. Wielding such a drill for hours would give your forearms the workout you quite didn't intend for. Batteries also need charging from time to time. The prepared cordless user often needs a good number of alternative batteries beyond the standard issued two. It's either this or you may need to stop constantly working on your project as you wait for your batteries to recharge. A cordless saw wouldn't just "cut it" for such an instance.  Corded power tools constantly offer reliable power for completely uninterrupted jobs. 

Cordless power tool makers are constantly upgrading. They are like computer makers. They are always creating the newer version with upgraded speeds, strengths and other features. Cordless battery packs suffer the same. In a few years, you may not be able to get the brand of batteries for your battery specific tool.

Frequency of use

How often are you going to use that grinder or nail gun? Are you a contractor, hobby DIYer, or operate a furniture store? Or are you simply getting these tools for home use on small scale projects? Cordless tools will require battery change from time to time. Some batteries fade-off with time and die. For contractors and such individuals requiring these tools constantly, a cordless tool is perhaps the best choice. If working at a location lacking outlets or electricity, for instance, a cordless tool will be handy. But, for an average homeowner seeking power tools for the occasional home projects, corded tools are the way to go. That circular saw, drill or impact hammer will last your lifetime probably.  You will not need to upgrade constantly.

Of course, for a homeowner living in a stone fortress or a thick resin clogged lumber-walled home, you will need more corded power tools for that extra power to penetrate these materials.