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How Dog Fencing Is Different To Regular Fencing Options

If you are looking to provide an outdoor area for your dog to enjoy themselves in without constantly getting in your way, then you have probably thought about fencing off a section of your yard for them. On rural properties, this can be quite a big section, and it is easy to assume that any kind of fencing will do the trick, but that is not the case. If you are going to make a place primarily for your dog to spend time, then you need dog fencing that is specifically created to keep dogs hemmed in. Here are a few reasons why dog fencing is different to regular fencing.


Dogs love to dig, and while not all dogs dig recreationally, most of them will try to dig out of an enclosure if they feel like they are trapped. That is why it is important the fencing goes a little bit below the surface to discourage them from going any deeper. If you use traditional fencing, then you will likely have a little space that is quite easy for the dog to slip underneath, or the dog may be able to dig under the shallow foundation in only a few hours. Don't risk your dog roaming free unsupervised.

Lower Height

A dog fence does not have to be as high as one you might have around your property, and having it lower makes the dog feel less like they are being kept in a prison. These lower fences also require fewer materials and are often cheaper than regular fencing. While you might spend more on the deeper foundation, you save a bit of cash on the top, which means you get a much more uniquely specialised fence that caters to your needs better.


While it may not matter if a regular fence is especially taut, especially if it is just there as an indicator of the boundaries of your property, for a dog fence, it really does matter. If the fence is in any way not taut, the dog will begin pushing and bouncing on it. This may not even be just to escape but for fun. Eventually, the dog will loosen the fence enough to where they can get out. Dog fencing is as taut as it can be with no slack in it, which means the dog feels as though the structure is inescapable (which it is), so they are more resigned and relaxed inside.