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4 Safety Reasons To Get New O-Rings

If you're working in the manufacturing industry, it's important to focus on safety. O-rings are an essential part of any machine, and they can wear out over time. If you're not replacing them regularly, you could end up with a dangerous situation on your hands.

Here are four reasons why you should make sure your O-rings are always in proper working order:

1. Updated O-rings Prevent Injury

O-rings are designed to create a seal that prevents fluid, air, or other materials from leaking out. If your O-rings are damaged, they can't do their job and may cause injury. In some cases, people may become injured after being hit by items that were propelled by escaping pressure. The pressure can cause the O-ring to fray and leak out of the pump, which could lead to injury if it hits someone in the eye or gets into their mouth.

2. New O-rings Prevent Leakage

O-rings seal the connection between two parts of a pipe or faucet. As the two parts move against each other, they create friction that can cause the O-ring material to compress and wear out over time. When this happens, it becomes easier for air or water to escape from the sealing surface and cause leaks at the joint. If your O-ring starts to fray or wear out, it could result in leaks around the pump or valve opening which could lead to dangerous spills inside your machine or even cause a fire if there is enough fuel nearby when this happens. 

3. New O-rings Prevent O-rings From Getting Stuck

The old rings are going to be harder and harder to get out of their groove over time, which means they could cause serious damage if they get stuck while being removed from their groove during an inspection or repair job. They can then become dangerous to remove because they will be harder to pull out, and you will also risk damaging the machine itself. If you have a new ring in place then it can easily slide out of its groove if you need to remove it for any reason.

4. New O-rings Can Prevent Employees From Becoming Trapped By Springs Or Other Moving Parts

Springs and other moving parts are dangerous when they are not properly secured. If a spring is loose or not working properly, it could cause serious harm to an employee who comes into contact with it. A new O-ring will help prevent this from happening because it will be easier to secure the moving parts in place.

An old, worn-out O-ring can cause serious damage to your machinery and workers. Contact a friendly member of the team about new O-rings today.