Some Inspiring Ways To Reuse Wooden Crates

Coming up with new, stylish and practical ways to reuse old wooden crates is a popular activity for many homeowners. The crates are easy to get a hold of – or easy to make yourself with some old wood – and can be adapted in many ways, such as by repainting or adding an accessory. This article looks at some ways that may inspire you to try using wooden crates around your own home and garden: [Read More]

Foam Fabrication: Cutting Methods in Case Insert Production

 If you are looking for a custom packaging product for delicate items, you should consider using foam case inserts. The custom inserts used to hold the packaged goods are cut into pre-designed shapes using different techniques. The best method for you will depend on factors such as foam type, desired results and the budget. Here are the main techniques used to cut the foam to create the ideal packaging inserts: Your Choices [Read More]

Important Tips for Renting Scaffolding for Any Project

Renting scaffolding can keep you more safe and secure than any ladder, and using scaffolding can also allow you to easily work with a variety of tools and materials that would otherwise be difficult to balance. If you have a renovation or repair job at home or in a building such as a church or school, you may want to consider scaffolding hire to make the job easier. Note a few simple tips for choosing the right type and size, and for ensuring your safety. [Read More]

A Senior's Guide to Cost-effective AC Use

As seniors have an increased risk of suffering from heat-related illnesses, it is of vital importance that heat stress is avoided throughout the summer months. One of the easiest ways for the elderly to keep cool is by using an efficient air conditioning unit in moderation, however the costs associated with running an air conditioner can deter low-income seniors from switching it on even on the hottest days.  Look at some helpful tips to help you use your air conditioner this summer, without worrying about a spike in your energy bill. [Read More]