A Senior's Guide to Cost-effective AC Use

As seniors have an increased risk of suffering from heat-related illnesses, it is of vital importance that heat stress is avoided throughout the summer months. One of the easiest ways for the elderly to keep cool is by using an efficient air conditioning unit in moderation, however the costs associated with running an air conditioner can deter low-income seniors from switching it on even on the hottest days.  Look at some helpful tips to help you use your air conditioner this summer, without worrying about a spike in your energy bill. [Read More]

Elevator Maintenance Service: Evaluating The Options Available For Your Office Building

Elevators boost vertical transportation at the workplace by allowing employees to move up and down the floors of multi-storeyed office buildings. Indeed, normal business activities in such office buildings can be significantly disrupted due to elevator breakdowns caused by poor maintenance service. Elevator maintenance services are offered by manufacturers, independent companies or on an in-house basis. This article will help you decide which option is best for your office building. [Read More]

3 Energy-Saving Guidelines for Air Conditioning Systems

A fully-operational home air conditioning system can be costly in terms of monthly electricity bills. You can reduce the energy consumption through proper usage and regular care and maintenance. In addition, an efficient AC appliance produces less carbon dioxide so it is better for the environment. Here are some simple tips for improving energy efficiency in your air conditioning system. Annual Servicing Professional servicing is essential for consistent and good performance of the air conditioner. [Read More]

7 Tasks a Split System AC Technician Can Perform During Annual Servicing

For your split system air conditioning system to work effectively, you need to have it serviced by a professional at least once a year. This ensures you get consistent cooling all through. Your service technician will go through several critical areas of your split system, performing checks, making replacements and servicing other parts. Here's a breakdown of the service process. Checking air ducts Your technician will check and ensure that the ducts blowing cool air in and hot air out of your house are in good condition. [Read More]